What is Robotic Trade?

It is a specialized and scientific  procedure to improve  Intra-day trading  result. The main   function  of  algorithm  trading is  to expand  the productivity  of day trading. Robotic  software will  automate  buy  sell execution without  emotional aspects. It's created to eliminate the  emotional  aspects of trading, which can be unfavorable. It is  very  useful to generate and execute buy sell signals to broker terminal like Nest, Now and Odin. Most of these software programs are compatible with Amibroker and Mt4 Platforms. The major convenience of robo  trading software is that they take the sentiment out of the operation. Users can test their strategies in evaluation mode to see  how  they  function based on previous data, which can help them regulate their trading system before using actual money. And also traders don’t need to be present to  make  profits  from  this  software. Realsense trading Solutions is an oldest Robo  trading  software  provider  in India.  They are providing Automatic Trading software for   NSE Equity,   Futures  &  options,   MCX  and  Currency  segments with nominal charges.

Why Auto Trading India?

The main reasons that Robot trading has become so famous are because of the convenience that it keeps over execution manually. The benefits of algorithmic trading are related to quickness, efficiency, and lower charges.

Since Robot trade programs are written earlier and are executed automatically, the main convenience is faster execution. The execution speed at which these trades are built is systematically in a chunk of a second, swifter than humans can recognize.

Another main advantage of auto-trade software is Accuracy. Its avoid accidental and emotional trade execution, which is very common in manual trading. The real benefit of Robo Trading Software is the ability to eliminate human emotion from the trade, as trades are controlled within a set of a predefined benchmark. Why this is convenience is because humans trading is responsive to sentiments that lead to an unreasonable verdict. These sentiments that edge to underprivileged decisions, that also traders aren't inclined to fear and greed.

What is the function of Robo Traders?

How robo trade software works in Indian market

We need five important components to execute Robot Trade.
1. Technical charting software ( Amibroker, MT4, Advance get etc..)
2.Real-time exchange data. (Global Data Feed, Esignal etc...)
3. Automatic trade execution software (Realsense Robo Trade)
4. Broker terminal (Nest, Now, Odin).
5. Trading System (Automatic buy-sell generating chart)

What is Amibroker?

AmiBroker is a technical analysis and trading system (Buy, Sell chart) development software, with highly advanced real-time data charting, back-testing, optimization and scanning features.

Imagine, A trader planning to buy crude oil current month future contract, When it's cross 50-period simple moving average. Calculating the moving average by manual is a very difficult task. He needs to calculate all previous 50-period closing price to get average. But Amibroker calculates this function lesser than a second and will display in graphical mode.

Amibroker CRUDEOIL chart with 50 period moving average

What is Real-time Data?

Real-time stock market data is price, volume, open interest value for a financial instrument recorded by a trading place like a stock exchange. Real-time data allows traders and investors to know the last traded price and see historical movement for securities like NSE equities, NSE Futures, NSE Options, NSE-CDS, MCX Commodities, NCDEX and forex.

NSE-MCX Real time data

Nest,Now,Odin Broker Terminal

Broker trading terminal is an interface which grants to place buy or sell requirements over an exchange participant. Online trading through these software benefit clients to execute orders quick as compared to call in trade.

A good trading terminal is an essential part of getting last traded price & charts, alerts, good speed, superior research and easy to use process keeps you coordinate with this fastening online trading world.

nest broker terminal

What is Trading System?

A trading system or automatic buy sell signal generator software is the process of buying and selling securities that are based on predefined guidelines used to create trading signals.

Nifty trading system chart

Which is the best Robotrader software for stock trading?

Most of the trading clients are subscribing robotrader but struggle with the best trading system to execute profitable trading. Usually, these clients will find online algorithmic strategies advertisements confused and inaccurate, as well as offering bogus assurance of overnight wealth.

So before subscribing any plan, do deep research and find out the best software and also may consult the experts.

Nifty Auto trade performance