How Robo Trading Software works?

Robo trader is an auto-execution software, specially designed for Indian Equity, Futures&Options(F&O), Currency derivative segments (CDS) and Multi Commodity exchange(MCX). The plugin is designed to receive signals from Amibroker and MT4 technical analysis software. And also it will execute trades to Nest, Now and Odin terminal.

What are the features of Auto Robot trading?

Support NSE, NFO, NSE-CDS, MCX Exchanges.

The auto robot software place almost all majors Indian stock and commodity exchanges.

Place different order type

Various type of order, such as NRML, MIS, CNC, SPL, FLS and BRKT can execute.

Long, Short and Both trade type

And another feature is trading type. This feature will help the client to select various trade executions like Long trade, Short trade or both.

Multiple Target options.

Robo trader is capable of placing multiple targets for every scrip you trade.

Point wise or percentage wise target and stop loss

It can be ideal for percentage or pointwise target and stop loss for minimizing the risk and reward.

Cumulative target

It is another unique feature in this software. The trader can fix a particular daily amount from each scrip.

FC/Qty feature of auto trade software

It is also a great feature of this software.
The trader can add their trading cost(Brokerage and Charges) to the system. It will help them to measure the exact profit and loss.

Multiple terminal Support

Our Robos will support all master terminal like Nest, Now and Odin Client. It will not support low depth terminals and web based software.

Paper trading mode.

Paper trade mode is a useful feature for all clients, especially a beginner. The feature will help them to evaluate the performance of any trading system without using capitals.

X Chart and Y scrips trading.

.It's a unique feature. You can place an order to any scrip or scrips from any charts.
Example, If your crude oil chart showing buy signals and You want to trade to nifty or copper or both, the multi scrip trading will help.

Multi client robo trading.

If You are a Broker or Sub-broker and you want to send orders to all your client, then you may opt multi-client robot software. If You are a Broker or Sub-broker and you want to send orders to all your client, then you may opt multi-client robot software. This software will help you to execute all your client from a single buy-sell chart.